Steering Committee Decisions Policy (May 23, 2005)

Southern Region IPM Center

Steering Committee

Policy Describing How Decisions Are Made

On May 23, 2005 a quorum of the SRIPMC Steering Committee met via conference call. This policy was approved at that meeting.

Purpose of this policy:

The Steering Committee (SC) considers input from the Southern Region IPM Center (SRIPMC) staff, the Advisory Council, and other interested stakeholders to develop and ratify policies in pursuit of the SRIPMC mission. There are a number of valid ways that policies may be developed and instituted. This policy is to outline procedures that may be used.

Deliberations of the Steering Committee:

The steering Committee interacts at meetings, on conference calls, and over the internet.

In normal circumstance meetings or conference calls shall not be scheduled unless we have a reasonable expectation of a quorum in attendance at the meeting. A quorum for meeting is defined as a majority of voting members.

Email and other online interaction methods may occur at any time, but no policies may only be instituted or amended using online methods unless a majority present approves the change.

Steering Committee consensus and voting: 

Consensus is the preferred model of decision-making. In meetings and conference calls, the first approach to decisions will be made to attempt to gain consensus. If consensus is unreachable within a reasonable length of time, decisions will be made using a majority of voting members participating.

Due to the need for discussion usually required to reach consensus, email and other online interactions are expected (but not required) to rely primarily on a voting model.

Amendments to policies and decisions:

Any policy or decision may be amended entirely or in part in any of the following ways:

  • consensus of a meeting or conference call at which a quorum is present
  • affirmative vote of a majority of voting members participating in a meeting or conference call where a quorum is present
  • affirmative vote by a majority of  Steering Committee members with votes cast in an internet (email or WWW) ballot.